Futsal Manager FAQ

23. June 2024

About 10 people wrote me already an e-mail, asking mainly about when the game will be released and which teams the game will include. It is amazing to see people care about my game, even before the game is actually available. This motivates me a lot and pushes me really to finish this game!

Here some answers to questions that came up.

What teams/players will be in the game?

There will be no real teams and players in the game. Fantasy teams and players will be generated by a script and will have random names and attributes.

The script works with a seed, to have always the same teams and players, if the same seed is used. You might remember this from Minecraft, where the same seed mechanism is used for random world generation.

Having real teams and player names is a lot of work, legal headache and simply too much work for me alone. An in-game editor could be a future solution to this problem. With an in-game editor, you will be able to create your own players and possibly share the lists with others. Another even simpler solution could be to simply add a csv import/export functionality. This is on my to-do list, for the future.

When will the game be available?

To be honest, I don't know. I hope to release a first playable demo version on itch.io and then on Steam by the end of the year 2024.

I started working on the game on 11th July 2020 and a lot happened since then. I migrated it from Godot 3.5 to 4, rewrote the Match engine several times and there is still much to do. Currently I work only in my free time on this game, while having a full time job.

I do my very best to finish the game as soon as possible.

Where can the game be played?

This will be my first Desktop game released on Steam. So it will be available for Linux and Windows. I have no experience with building Godot games for MacOS, but once the main platforms are supported, I will take a look into that.

For now no (official) mobile release is planned, since it is quite difficult to fit the content on small screens with touch support. There is already an apk file available to Download for Android on Github and this will continue to be available.

How much will the game cost?

This might be my first game with a price, but I'm not sure how much. I guess it will be between 5€ and 15€, depending how the game will look and feel at first release.

This game is Free and Open Source, under the AGPL v3.0 or later license. That means that you are free to study, modify, improve and share the source code. So technically you will always be able to build your own version of the game at no cost. You just need the source code, the Godot Engine editor and some guide on how to build an executable, if you don't know already how to do that. There will be a guide available in the repositories README, as soon the game is stable enough.

This sounds great, can I help somehow?

Until the game is still in an unstable development phase, like now, I prefer to work alone on the game. But as soon the game is in a stable state, you can contribute your ideas and especially bug fixes.

If you can't code, you still can help by translating the game to other languages. There will be a dedicated page, probably on weblate.org, where everybody can add and fix translations. As soon as the development is stable and translations are open, I'll post here and on Mastodon.

And of course, you can also help me a lot by spreading the word about the game.

Every feedback is welcome

Feel free to write me an email at info@simondalvai.org and comment on Mastodon

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