Happy JS Naked Day 2024

23. April 2024

After I missed this year's CSS Naked Day on 9th of April, I'm happy to participate to the JS Naked Day on 24th of April.

My website is not yet ready to work without CSS. All images miss static size tags and everything is messed up and is not usable without CSS right now. So hopefully next year, my website will be ready for CSS Naked Day.

Why no JS is important?

The web should work without JavaScript.

This is the first statement on the JS Naked Day's website. I totally agree with this. So many sites are overblown with JS scripts that could work also without it.

I can understand that in some cases JS is useful and makes sense, but I feel that more times the opposite is true. My favorite "overblown JS moments" are, when I open a website and my laptop fan starts blowing out of nowhere. That always reminds me how important the right usage of JS is.

You can find more interesting reasons to avoid JS on the JS Naked Day's website.

This will never have JS

My main philosophy for this website is to have no JS at all, never, period. So I had no JS to be removed or similar for JS Naked Day, just write this blog post :-)

I use zola, a static site generator, similar to hugo, but in my opinion still less bloated and kept simple. JS could be used, but I try to do everything without it, like here: CSS only dark mode without JS

Of course my website is really simple and has no sophisticated user interaction or similar, but shouldn't be most websites like this?

Every feedback is welcome

Feel free to write me an email at info@simondalvai.org and comment on Mastodon or HackerNews.

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