SFSCON 2023: F-Droid - The place for your FOSS Apps

17. November 2023

Also this year I had a talk at SFSCON 2023 about F-Droid.


On F-Droid you can find thousands of FOSS apps and games for Android. F-Droid brings you visibility in the FOSS community that will provide great feedback, open issues and eventually contribute to your FOSS project.

This presentation is about my personal experience with my games Ball2Box, Pocket Broomball and Sn4ke published on F-Droid. I will show you what F-Droid is, how it works and the steps needed to submit your project.

Youtube Video

Here you can find the video of my talk on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/live/PoaUQyaQVJE?t=4986


Here you can find the slides sfscon-2023-simon-dalvai-fdroid.pdf

Every feedback is welcome

Feel free to write me an email at info@simondalvai.org and comment on Mastodon or HackerNews.

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