Thank you Debian and happy Birthday!

17. August 2023

Happy 30th Birthday Debian!
With this blog post I want to thank all Debian contributors, volunteers and people involved in the project. I've been using a Debian based Distro since the first day of my Linux journey around 2013. I started with Ubuntu, then Linux Mint, followed by Manjaro (the only not Debian, I've been using for some time) and again Linux Mint, always with XFCE.
And of course, a lot of Distro hopping in between, but these are the ones, I've used for at least one month.

KDE Plasma <3

But this year, I discovered the KDE Plasma Desktop Environment. It feels like XFCE, with all the customizations I normally did manually, but already built-in out of the box.

And last but not least, KDE Plasma looks really beautiful and has a lot of really great own software.

Why Debian

The reason why I chose Debian with KDE Plasma was, that it's the only Distro I can surely trust that it will exist for many more years and that no company will overtake the project and close it's source code or create some questionable subscription model. Yes, I'm looking at you, Red Hat. Then the latest movements in the Open Source world also just confirm, that it is better to trust a non-profit organization. Sorry, but not sorry, HashiCorp.

All well known Debian based Distros, like KDE Neon or Kubuntu, have Canonical's Snap package system pre-installed.
Debian is the only Distro, that I've found, that doesn't pre-implement Snap package system and only uses real Open Source Software.

And here, myself enjoying the beautiful city of Bari, Italy, with my favorite T-Shirt :-)
Myself with my Debian T-Shirt in Bari, Italy.

Happy birthday!

Every feedback is welcome

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