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Remember the pattern you'll see, because one color will disappear! Click the missing color on the buttons under the pattern.
This game is pure memory training for your brain 🧠

Train your eye-hand coordination by searching for the missing color! But be fast, because the time is running out ⌛
Every correct color gives you 2 more seconds for the next one.
It might seem easy at the beginning, but it's hard to stay focused and concentrated! So improve your concentration by playing this memory training game!
Play every day and see how your memory and focus gets faster and better!

🌈 60 patterns
💾 Only 3MB
📡 Offline game
📺 No ads
💸 No In-App purchases
🕵️‍♀️ No user tracking
🛑 No permissions
👨‍💻 Created with libGDX

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Screenshot of the gameScreenshot of the gameScreenshot of the gameScreenshot of the game

Source code

This is a Free and Open Source game with the source code available on Github and Codeberg.


This game respects you privacy and doesn't use any form of user tracking. Find the full game's privacy policy here.

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